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Collecting Nostalgia: Vintage Christmas Memorabilia

With its time-honored traditions, sacred recipes passed down through generations and emphasis on family and friends, few areas of life lend themselves so well to nostalgia as Christmas. Of the families who celebrate Christmas, everyone does it a little bit differently. My husband’s family are Cuban, and celebrate “Noche Buena” on December 24th, opening all […]

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Today’s Weird: The Jewish-Japanese Sex & Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves

  Here at AbeBooks, we’re no strangers to weirdness. Not only are we a little bit odd ourselves, but we have been combing the literary world for bizarre books to add to the Weird Book Room for years. So maybe I should not have been surprised, this morning, to learn of a book called The Jewish-Japanese Sex […]

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Collectible Memorabilia from Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba

  Rarely has there been a more controversial and polarizing political figure than Fidel Castro. On Thursday, November 24th, my mother-in-law arrived to stay with my family for two weeks. She is a Cuban woman who was born and raised in Cuba, and lived there until the early sixties, when a series of terrifying incidents relating […]

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Fans swoop for Leonard Cohen books, but which one to buy?

Fans of Leonard Cohen have been converging on AbeBooks.com since the news of his death, searching for books from the Canadian singer-songwriter’s original career as a poet and an author. It appears many fans are unsure which book to buy as the most popular search term on AbeBooks since Cohen’s death has been simply “Leonard […]

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The Strange Story of the Sea Monk

In the middle of the 16th century, a strange creature was found off the coast of Denmark.  No-one is quite sure how the discovery came about or how it came to be debated by Europe’s brightest thinkers. But what followed was a combination of Chinese (or Danish) whispers combined with the Renaissance version an urban […]

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Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – who wins in rare book sales?

After the bookish glory of Barack Obama’s bid to become president in 2008, books have barely been mentioned during the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In 2008 and 2009, AbeBooks sold more 50 copies of books written by Obama for prices in excess of $1,000 – one signed copy of Dreams from my […]

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