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Cameron’s Used Books & Magazines is a treasure trove of nostalgia

At first glance, Cameron’s Used Books & Magazine doesn’t seem all that different from any other used bookstore. Row upon row of well-loved paperbacks and hardcovers fill towering shelves and spill onto the floor, and customers quietly scan spines for their next great read. So when owner Jeffery Frase invited me to browse beyond the […]

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Le Crapouillot – France’s 80-Year Political Satire Magazine

  While foraging about the internet’s forest floor to learn all I could about our latest Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Patrick Modiano, I discovered Le Crapouillot. The first discovery was that Modiano had contributed to an issue of a magazine about drugs. The actual title of the issue was: “LSD une bombe atomique dans […]

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Copy of first Playboy Magazine sells for $2,000

A copy of the first ever Playboy Magazine, published in December 1953, has sold for $2,000 on AbeBooks.com. Aside from being a landmark moment in popular culture, the magazine famously features Marilyn Monroe on the cover (clothed) and on the centerfold (naked) against a red velvet background. This issue is undated and cost 50 cents […]

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Beyond The Snow Leopard: Peter Matthiessen’s long legacy of fiction and non-fiction

Peter Matthiessen, one of America’s top writers in the past 60 years, died on Saturday at the age of 86. The Guardian carries an obituary. He had been suffering from Leukemia. Born in 1927, Matthiessen is remembered for co-founding The Paris Review literary magazine in the 1950s but he also enjoyed a long writing career […]

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Police Magazine from 1930s France

Today I came across this collection of magazines from 1930s France called Police Magazine. We have quite a number of them for sale on the site, happily with images to peruse. From what I can tell, the publication ran from 1931 until 1937. I’ve found little information about it, but I think the magazine was […]

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Amazing Stories is Back – Get Your Free Issue

We love Amazing Stories Magazine and were sad to learn of its demise in 2006. Fortunately, with some fresh blood, new passion and a revitalized approach, it looks like it may just have been a long hiatus. And it sounds mysterious and potentially exciting: “To make a long story short and to simultaneously avoid having […]

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A Cornucopia of New Yorker Corrections

The Awl has published a list of New Yorker Magazine retractions and corrections. The long-running literary magazine is famously infamous for its rigorous, meticulous and prestigious fact-checking department, but since it is run by humans, the very occasional error does make it through. I especially enjoyed the corrective correspondence from Groucho Marx in February, 1929. […]

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