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Kitty Lit: Bookish Meets Cattish

Kitty Lit – where classics meet cats. Cats on classic covers at last, from The Great Catsby to A Tale of Two Kitties and beyond!

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Keanu Reeves to Play Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde.

Keanu Reeves has been cast to play both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the upcoming film adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic. We wish we were kidding.

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Shortest book titles

It was announced yesterday that Stephen King has a new book coming out exclusively on the Kindle 2. He is calling the book Ur, and I, for one, think the title sucks. It’s too short, non-descriptive, and a pain in the ass to find using an internet search owing to the fact that you end […]

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Author Susan Hill Claims Poor Teaching is Resulting in Loathing of Books

According to an article featured on Telegraph.co.uk, author Susan Hill has claimed that students in the UK are taught “so badly, so dully and so mechanically” that many children are being turned off literature. Hill, author of The Woman in Black, Strange Meeting and I’m the King of the Castle, has her most popular works […]

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Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyle

It’s ridiculous, I admit. But when something gets a whole lot of hype, I stubbornly and perversely refuse to try it out myself. For this reason I will never watch Dances With Wolves or drink bubble tea, drive a Prius or play Dance Dance Revolution. So when I started seeing glowing reviews of Andrew Davidson’s […]

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Be The Pack Leader by Cesar Millan

Unlike other online retailers, AbeBooks has a single global database of books that is searchable through all of our five websites. We record the bestselling books for each of our websites but essentially buyers are purchasing from a single list of 110 million listings. So a buyer in the UK can buy a book from […]

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Hijacking of a Hockey Tradition – The Rookie Hockey Fan’s Protest

I was a bit irked watching Saturday’s hockey game.  No, I’m not referring to the Canucks loss to Dallas, although that was frustrating. I’m referring to the waving of white towels by Dallas fans.  “Towel Power” is a show of fan support for the Vancouver Canucks and to see the Dallas crowd waving white flags […]

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