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Le Crapouillot – France’s 80-Year Political Satire Magazine

  While foraging about the internet’s forest floor to learn all I could about our latest Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Patrick Modiano, I discovered Le Crapouillot. The first discovery was that Modiano had contributed to an issue of a magazine about drugs. The actual title of the issue was: “LSD une bombe atomique dans […]

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Louis Zamperini Dies at 97

Louis Zamperini, the subject of Laura Hillenbrand’s bestseller Unbroken, died on July 2 at the age of 97. At age 19, Zamperini participated in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games as a long-distance runner. When WWII broke out, he joined the US Army Air Forces and served as a bombadier in the South Pacific. In April, […]

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ANZAC Day remembering Gallipoli

April 25th is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand, it is the anniversary of the start of the battle of Gallipoli in which French and British Empire forces (led by mainly by troops of Australia and New Zealand) attacked the Ottoman capital of Constantinople.  The campaign was the first major battle undertaken in WWI […]

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Life-saving Bible from WWI Stopped Shrapnel

Amazing story from Retronaut about a bible that stopped shrapnel from killing its German infantryman owner, Kurt Geiler, in Northeast France in 1917. “In the never-ending trench warfare in North-East France, the German infantryman was sleeping as usual with his Bible underneath his head. Without warning, a direct hit destroyed his dug-out almost completely, wounding […]

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Books in the War: The Romance of Library War Service

Book Patrol has a post up about the tremendous effort put forth during WWI by the American Library Association to collect books and send them to soldiers overseas. They congregated outside the New York Public Library in 1918, urging citizens to do their part for the war effort and donate books to the cause, to […]

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Winston Churchill: The Author Who Saved Britain

Hold on, we hear you say – author? But Winston Churchill was a politician! True. But while Churchill had two stints as prime minister and is most famous for his wartime leadership, many people don’t realize that his real passion was writing. That should come as no surprise, really; his oft-quoted, inspiring and impassioned speeches […]

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A Letter from Ernie Hemingway (and Other Authors Who Went to War)

We have a feature exploring the post-war writing of authors who went to war. Many young men with an urge to write have gone to war and then produced a masterpiece on their return. One such young man was Ernest Hemingway, who fought in World War I. This letter to his family about his experiences […]

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