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On The “Da Vinci” Phenomenon

There’s been a lot of talk about The Da Vinci Code lately. (years straight, with over 40 million copies sold (that is more than the entire population of Canada, for the record) – and that was just in its hardcover release. Now that it’s out in paperback it’s everywhere, online and off, multiplying on supermarket and drugstore shelves. I can only wonder who is still buying it, when it seems everyone in the free world has read it…

You’d think with such ubiquity, none of these books would be worth a penny. Not so though – signed firsts are going for up to $4,000!

Then there was that whole plagiarism scandal with the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. That was dismissed – but here comes more publicity (and $$) for Mr. Brown. And of course the movie version, which comes out in May…

So what about the book itself? Well, I read it last year, and I was rather unimpressed with the writing itself. It read like a trashy two-bit plane-ride novel — which, perhaps, it is. (We must remember that just because a book is read by everyone, it does not mean it is good literature – or even decent literature!) The draw of the book is in the ideas contained – which, I admit, I did find quite fascinating. (I am even considering reading Angels & Demons now – albeit, in secret…) I do not, however, find the idea of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon fascinating! I suspect Mr. Hanks is not who Mr. Brown had in mind when writing the book, either.

So overall, I think it’s a decent book, worth a quick read – but not worth so much hubbub! It’s time to share the spotlight with someone else, Mr. Brown.

What’s your opinion?

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