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Like death and taxes, it seems the cubicle is an inevitability of life. For anyone who has spent any time working in an office environment, they have come up against this dreaded cube.

It has been mocked in movies, books and Dilbert comics, and there are even action figures based on the cubicle world.

The inventor of the cubicle is somewhat contrite about his creation, but rightfully so? The initial vision was good, but the implementation in the real world falls short.

The traditional, oft-ridiculed cubefarms don’t really exist in this office, there is a much more open floor with a few partitions scattered about. It makes for a more dynamic and bustling atmosphere (and yes noisy at times, but that’s what headphones are for). We’re moving offices soon, so the topic of partions and cubes and desks has started to come up on a regular basis. Whatever the final fixtures and furniture decisions are, I hope it’s a green choice.

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