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ectecera, ectecera

Of course it’s spelled wrong! That’s my point this time around. I have this ‘thing’ about spelling errors and/or mis-pronunciations that come disguised in professional garb, and make it all the way to publication or pulpit. A fine example includes the email I received from a highly paid pro in I.T., telling me how the system was “idol.” Of course there’s the whole illiteracy surrounding the use of “its” and “it’s,” ChicaRgo (what’s the source of that one?) “al-u-minIum,” “stastistics,” and one of my favorites which I am still processing, “which is unmercilessly unforgiving.” But the best one in my mind comes from the Manager of the Operational Documentation department at my former place of business. This is the department that requires all of us minions who struggle on a day to day basis to produce business documentation as part of our daily grind, to submit it into their care for review of grammar, spelling, and format. As he would put it, “produce business documentation in the form of reviews, plans, manuals, ect., ect.

I am now painfully aware that if there is a spelling error in this short blurb that I have allowed to somehow slip by unnoticed…Ah well, it’s a hobby.:-)


“Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.”
– Winston Churchill

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