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Most expensive signed baseball books

I’ve tried so hard to like baseball but it’s just not happening. But I am interested in some of the better books about its icons – Richard Ben Cramer’s Joe DiMaggio: A Hero’s Life is a great read, especially for a Brit like me who had no real idea about the true nature of his status in American society.

With the World Series going strong, we did a little experiment at AbeBooks this week and started searching for the signed baseball books offered for sale on the site. Top of the pile is an $18,500 copy of Babe Ruth’s Own Book of Baseball – a 1928 first edition, which was one of 1,000 signed copies. However, a more interesting book would probably be Baseball Has Done It by Jackie Robinson – a 1964 book where Robinson, who signed it, conducted interviews with black major leaguers.

And bottom of the pile? It takes just $16 to pick up a signed copy of Power, Sex and Money: How Success Almost Ruined My Life by Deion Sanders.

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