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“Points” for newbies

Do you love and collect books but are still a little in the dark as to their value? Or why they are valuable?

There was a good article the other day in the Fine Books Blog on “points” (which are errors or parts of a book which differentiate that printing or edition from others thus possibly making it more valuable). This got me thinking about how daunting book collecting may seem to a newbie.  I just started working here at AbeBooks about a month ago and there is definitely a lot you can learn. So in hopes of turning a book lover into a book collector, here are a few places you can look if your feeling a little lost.

AbeBooks Glossary of terms for bookies

The ever popular FAQ

The Avid Collector section of our website where you can sign up for our e-newsletter, chat with other collectors in the forums, and more

And of course when in doubt. Pick up a book: John Carter – ABC for Book Collectors

It’s not so hard once you get into it, happy hunting!

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