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2006 vs. 2007

Now that we’ve all been back at work for a few days (some of us never left) – the extra pounds fitting snugly against our waistband- we can look back at 2006 without the haze of a sugar or wine buzz.

2006 was quite a year for AbeBooks, we launched a new marketing campaign with our Not-Books, launched a new logo, invested in LibraryThing, intergrated IberLibro.com fully into AbeBooks’ database, saw BookFinder expand into Europe, started this blog, reached 100 million books on the site, staged a Bookseller Summit, celebrated our 10th birthday, launched a new shopping basket…

It was quite a year indeed. And 2007 promises to be no less exciting. There are lots of new website features on the horizon (and maybe we can give the loyal blog readers a sneak peek as we get closer to launch) – but we can’t talk about them quite yet. A big milestone for the staff/company in 2007 will be the long-awaited office move happening in the coming months. Well, it doesn’t sound like much right now, but rest assured there are a lot ideas and projects bubbling in the AbeBooks’ lab… stay tuned!

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