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Selling Harry Potter

Scholastic has announced its going to print a record-breaking 12 million copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and that there’s going to be a multi-million dollar marketing campaign starting on April 17.

A multi-million dollar marketing campaign – why? Is there someone out there who hasn’t heard of Harry Potter? Could people who have read the previous six books be any more excited about the prospect of another JK Rowling book?

As JK’s days of booktours are long gone, the campaign features a bus tour of libraries around the States where children can hop on board and record their thoughts about Harry on video. I imagine a lot of kids are going to be barely able to hold back their tears at the prospect of no more Potter books after July 21.

Elsewhere, Time magazine has an odd little article on Harry Potter 7 where they state the obvious.

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