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Hockey Nights in Canada

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are well under way and here in Victoria, support of the Vancouver Canucks is evident in t-shirts and car flags. 

I’m a newbie hockey fan. Quite frankly I hated it when my brother’s love for the game dominated the family TV.  But for some odd reason, a few years ago, I got swept up in the excitement and am now right there with the die-hards watching the Canucks in their battle for the Cup.

I’m catching on to how the game works and that’s becoming evident by my rantings at the television set which, based on statements from the colour commentators, aren’t too far off the mark.  But is there any help for neophytes like myself to get a better understanding of the game?

My first instinct was to search for Hockey for Dummies and sure enough, it exists!  Another book also caught my attention with its title geared toward watching and not playing the game (and the reference to it being “simple”!) – Ice Hockey Made Simple: A Spectator’s Guide .  I think that will be where I’ll start.

So, there could be hope for me yet!  I may be able to talk up the game with the best of them with a bit of reading and continued watching of hockey games.  I am after all, a Canadian.

And one closing note…”Go Canucks Go!”

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