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Late Nights on Air

Lots of awards at this time of year. Booker, Nobel and now the Giller in Canada. The hum-drum event was brightened by the never dull Margaret Atwood, who protested against Four Seasons Hotels (the venue for the Giller) and its massive development of a new resort on the island of Grenada where rare birds are under threat. She refused to eat the hotel’s food and brought her own packed lunch – God bless her. Hotel food is usually rubbish anyway so that’s probably a good call.

Oh yeah…the Giller was won by Elizabeth Hay who used to be a radio journalist in Yellowknife in the Northwest Terrorities. I have no idea where Yellowknife actually is but I know it’s very cold in the winter, and the winter lasts for 10 months. Her book is called Late Nights on Air.

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