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Arthur C. Clarke Dies at age 90

It’s a sad day for Science Fiction lovers as one of the greatest authors in the genre has passed on. Arthur C. Clarke died today after decades of battling post-polio syndrome.

Clarke had a phenomenal creative output, writing more than 80 novels but was most well known among SF fans for 2001: A Space Odyssey, Songs of a Distant Earth, or The City and the Stars.

Almost more amazing was Arthur C. Clarke’s scientific mind. Not only did he write about futuristic settings and outlandish ideas. Clarke described scientific concepts decades before their eventual production. An example would be communications satellites, which he described in 1945 because of this geosynchronous orbits are called Clarke orbits.

However for all the things he did in his life I will remember him as a great writer, and I am glad that he agreed with me!

“Sometimes I am asked how I would like to be remembered, I have had a diverse career as a writer, underwater explorer and space promoter. Of all these I would like to be remembered as a writer.” – Arthur C. Clarke

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