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Savage Grace, Sex and the City hit Theaters

Tonight’s US Openings at the theaters includes Savage Grace and the long awaited Sex and the City. Fans of these movies will be pleased to know that both these films are originally based upon novels (ok… Sex and the City is based on a TV show which was based on a novel). While the movies themselves have been subject to reviews that are, at best, mixed, the general impression of the books they were based upon are overwhelmingly more positive.

Most people are already well aware of Candace Bushnell’s immensely popular collection of essays that has been published numerous times and is the basis of the now massive Sex and the City franchise, Savage Grace may be more of an unknown quantity to many readers. The 1985 novel by Natalie Robins and Steven M L Aronson tells the true story of Barbara Daly, who marries the heir to the Bakelite plastics fortune, and details the sorrow of raising a child who is seen by his own child as a failure.  Even if the movie fails to live up to lofty expectations, this novel of excess and moral decay of the ultra rich will always be a worthy read.

Be sure to read Books to Film for the full list of this Summer’s feature films that were originally based on books.

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