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Anne Enright and AbeBooks

Good morning Anne Enright (just in case you stumble across this blog while putting together your next book.) At the weekend, I was thrilled to learn that Anne, writer of Booker Prize award-winning novel The Gathering, is an AbeBooks customer. Read her interview in Saturday’s Guardian.

I didn’t write two books last year. I know a lot of people didn’t write two books last year, but I didn’t write two specific books – one of them was set in the 1930s in Dublin and one was set in the 1940s in Wicklow, and I researched both and mulled over both, I rolled the ideas around in my head, I thought of them when I woke up and I thought of them when I went to sleep, and I ordered yet another book from AbeBooks, thinking that some obscure volume, preferably from a foreign dealer (hello Halifax, Nova Scotia!), might arrive through my door, with the provoking fact, or problem, the missing character or insight I needed in order to make one or both of these books “go”.

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