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Interview with Tunnels authors – Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams

AbeBooks has posted an interview with Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams in its authors’ corner. Gordon and Williams co-wrote the underground fantasy book, Tunnels, and they’ve just followed it up with Deeper.

Collectors will be familiar with The Highfield Mole, their self-published version of Tunnels which is worth a lot of money on the rare book market.

They were an interesting couple to listen to. Gordon sold his house help publish The Highfield Mole – quite a gamble.

The birth of The Highfield Mole came from a shared desire to be creative and a series of events related to life underground.

“It was September 2003 on a dark and stormy night,” said Gordon. “We were thinking about a project to work on and my wife suggested writing a children’s book. At first it was a bit of a joke but it took over our lives. We each had half an idea at the beginning.

“My idea came from buying an old house in Northamptonshire – a 16th century crumbly old house with dust everywhere. I was digging outside in the garden and I came across all this compacted stone. There’s a chap who lived down the road and he poked his head over the gate and started telling me that there was supposed to be tunnel from the house to the village church. When he was five years old, he had tried to find the tunnel but couldn’t. I couldn’t find anything either but I started to think about a 14-year-old who loved to dig.”

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