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Michael Savage Attacks Nation on Autism

Michael Savage, the aptly named conservative political commentator and author who hosts the nationally syndicated talk show The Savage Nation has attracted widespread criticism for his latest controversial remarks – this time condemning the American medical community’s over diagnosis of autism in children. Describing ’99 percent of children with autism as brats’ is nothing new for Savage, originally born Michael Weiner, who has made a career on his bold persona. Comments such as this one may be why Savage is often described as the most hate conservative in America.

Michael Savage is best known for the book The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assualt on Our Borders, Language, and Culture. For those who want to see more books written by this edgy writer and social commentator, here is his full bibliography available at AbeBooks:

Whether you think he is a genius or an idiot, there’s no doubting that he speaks his mind and certainly is interesting. He also wrote numerous books under his given name, Michael Weiner, these books are generally less politically charged and focus on subjects to do with health and nutrition – don’t worry, they’re still full of controversial theories.

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