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Tips for Buying Cheap Textbooks

Tips For Buying Cheap Textbooks

1. Ask your profs to supply reading lists as early as possible, many of them have websites or blogs and a quick email could save you hundreds.

2. Compare AbeBooks prices to the bookstore prices, this will ensure you have found the cheapest textbooks and let you copy the ISBN to ensure you are getting the right textbook.

3. Search by ISBN, this way you are sure to have the exact book you are looking for and not a different edition

4. Compare our prices again – our stock changes hourly.

5. Order your textbooks early, by doing this you can ensure you buy the cheapest textbooks before other students, and you can save money with cheaper shipping methods.

6. Double up on your orders, most AbeBooks sellers offer discounted shipping when you order more then one item. So a book may be $2 cheaper from a different seller, but you might save $4 in shipping by ordering a second book from the same seller. So double check your orders.

7. Free shipping – look for booksellers offering free shipping

8. Buy local – choose from a bookseller in your area. The book will show up faster, and leave less of a carbon footprint if you choose a local bookseller. Plus you will be supporting a business in your own state or province.

9. Consider used textbooks – used copies will save you lots of money. You can take this one step further as well and ask your professor if an old edition will work for their class, and many old editions can be had for a couple dollars.

10. Sell your old textbooks to AbeBooks Buyback or another student at your school.

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