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AbeBooks most expensive sales for July 2008

The ten highest priced sales over all AbeBooks websites for the month of July were as follows.

1. The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia by David Roberts – $12,360
1st American edition from 1855, includes 250 lithographed plates and historical descriptions are done by George Croly and William Brockedon.

2. The Road by Jack Kerouac – $6,000
A first edition, first printing copy of this Beat Generation classic from 1957.

3. Steganographia by Johannes Trithemius – $5,508
The Steganographia (Greek, “secret writing”) was written circa 1500 and first printed in 1606. While the first two books of the Steganographia are, a “straightforward” exposition of cryptography, the third book is written in the guise of occult workings. This copy has a separate title page reprinted from the 1621 Darmstadt edition.

4. L’Art de Tourner, ou de faire en Perfection Toutes by Charles Plumier – $5,500
This 1749 edition of a classic work on lathes, their design, and uses.

5. Despacho Confirmatorio de los Blasones de Armas, Nobleza Y Genealogia, Enlaces Entroques de Don Juan Antonio de Unda. Dela Villa de San Juan Bautista de Llerena Y Minas de Sombrerete by Various – $5,000
A genealogical publication from 1796 that confirms the lineage of a Caballero mine owner in Mexico. Includes full-page family thematics, family tree, and newspaper clippings of family info in back.

6. Blumengarten, wie derselbe von newem zuzurichten, auszutheilen, und zum herrlichen Lust zu zieren, wie auch allerley Blumen, frembde Gewächs un(d) Plantae by Georg Viescher – $4,953
Published in 1658, this is the only known contemporary record in German devoted to the flower garden, a unique source of horticultural information for the period.

7. Zoology of Egypt: Mammalia by J.&W. Winton Anderson – $4,879
Printed in an edition of only 100 copies of which 95 were for sale in 1902. It includes beautiful chromolithographic plates by P. J. Smit of smaller and lesser known species such as the cat – Felis lybica, the foxes – Vulpes zerda, many rodents, and a new species of bat.

8. Guignol’s Band by Louis-Ferdinand Celine – $4,737
A beautiful first edition copy from 1944 from this influential French writer, this pressing was limited to 60 copies.

9. Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak – $4,500
The 25th anniversary edition of this children’s classic pressed when Sendak participated in the opening of the new Sony Wonder store in New York. Limited to 50 copies and printed in 1996, this edition came signed by Sendak with an imprint on the half title page from the publisher which reads “And the Wild Things Came to New York.. November 12, 1996.”

10. Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto – $4,397
The first Spanish translation of Ariosto’s epic poem Orlando Furioso by Juan Urrea published in 1549.

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