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Stuff White People Like – a book white people should like

While other folks were reading McCarthy, Roth, or Rushdie over the weekend, I read a book called Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander. It’s another blog that became a book. As a middle class 40-year-old white person, I found Stuff White People Like very enjoyable. It has 150 mini-chapters (or blog postings if you wish) and I found myself ticking off the ones that applied to me.

Organic food – check
Renovations – check
Hardwood floors – check
Rugby – check
Threatening to move to Canada – check (except I actually did it)
Recycling – check
Making children learn a foreign language – check

I can think of many white people who should read specific chapters from this book. The sections on Apple products, DJs and Asian girls were very funny indeed.

I’m going to interview the author, Christian Lander, on Thursday so we should have something on the site by Friday.

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