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Stanley Kurtz to air anti Barack Obama views on radio tonight

Stanley Kurtz  All Mothers Are OneThere are vast numbers of political and social commentators, many of them with wildly unusual views and opinions. Generally their opinionated speeches and writings largely blend in to the general whir of divergent opinion that abounds during election season. Stanley Kurtz, however, has managed to draw national attention, including direct criticism from the Barack Obama campaign – making his name one of the hottest searched topics on the internet this morning in advance of his two hour radio interview tonight.

Kurtz, an author and investigative journalist for the National Review, will be appearing from 9-11pm tonight on WGN radio, where it is widely speculated that he will continue his stark criticism of Barack Obama, particularly focusing on his relationship with University of Illinois Professor William Ayers. The Obama campaign were so incensed by this that they released a campaign email to supporters denouncing Stanley Kurtz and calling him ‘a slimy character assassin.’

In addition to being a political commentator, Kurtz is a social anthropology writer. He is best known for All Mothers are One, a book that he wrote while researching in India. Whether you agree with his opinion or find his accusations entirely baseless, his published works are arguably the best way to better understand the origins of his wildly controversial stance.

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