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Christian Lander interview

AbeBooks has an interview with Christian Lander, the author of Stuff White People Like. I recommend the book, which was a blog before it was a book.

“It all began on January 18 this year when a friend and I were discussing The Wire TV show and he said he wouldn’t trust any white person who didn’t watch The Wire,” said Lander. “We started joking around and talking more about how white people go into therapy and get divorced and so on, and I said let’s start a blog.

“It was all a joke. I didn’t expect the blog to be seen by anyone except a few friends. When the blog got 1,000 hits in a day I registered the name and then it jumped to 30,000 hits in a day, and then 300,000 and then – at the absolute peak – it got 800,000 hits per day.”

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