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Hunter Davies’ writing room

The best thing on the Web today is from The Guardian – Hunter Davies’ writing room. Hunter Davies wrote the second best sports book of all time – The Glory Game.

Photos lie, for this makes my room look neater, more organised. I always feel I live in chaos, with all my collections, too many projects on the go at the same time, a book a year for 40 years, plus columns, no gaps, no time to breathe or clear up in between. Yet it looks sort of civilised.

To the right, unseen, on another desk, is a real computer, dust covered, unused. Once a year, my children show me how to use it, then I forget. My ancient Amstrad PCW 9512, God how I love it, does for me. When it packs up, it’s off to the V&A. Probably with me as well.

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