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Interview with Roald Dahl’s widow

Felicity Dahl, the widow of Roald Dahl, is interviewed in The Guardian. Her husband died 18 years ago. It’s an extremely interesting interview, very sad and revealing.

Even at the end, Dahl was still trying to make people’s days a little less dull. Felicity recalls that as he lay dying at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, he noticed that the nurses were being forced to wear their own clothes as an experiment to see whether patients responded better to them. ‘He said, “What a ridiculous idea. How can you possibly afford to use your own clothes on the wages you get?”‘

Felicity was sent to Marks & Spencer to buy cardigans, jumpers and trousers. ‘I came out with bulging bags. He laid them all out and when the nurses came in he said, “Now choose whatever colour you want.” That was a man who was dying, he was so ill and yet he still wanted to spread a funny idea to make them laugh and yet to give them a present, give them a treat. Treats were his big thing.’

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