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King George’s dentistry guide

A dentistry guide written by the dentist to King George III, detailing painful methods such as using pliers on crooked teeth, is to be auctioned reports the Daily Telegraph.

In a series of gruesome insights, the guide details how teeth should be straightened using gold wire. If that fails, the alternative was to “break the teeth into order by means of a strong pair of crooked pliers”.

He urges youngsters with milk teeth to “chew upon coral, wax and suchlike bodies” to deter decay. And he points out that “the boyish custom of carrying a table or chair in their mouth is as dangerous as it is absurd”.

Quite right. The book is called A Treatise on the Disorders and Deformities of the Teeth and Gums and the Most Rational Methods of Treating Them. AbeBooks has a special edition copy for sale.

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