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Bee & Me

Bee & Me by Elle J. McGuinness

During a dash into a bookstore (if one can ever really dash through a bookstore) a new children’s book caught my eye;  a) Because my 4 year old niece has, in adult terms, an irrational fear of insects (and all fluff resembling bug-like creatures) and b) Because it has a very cute cover.

The book is Bee & Me by Elle J. McGuinness, illustrated by Heather Brown, and with animation effects by Jeffrey Charles Cole and Katrina Ford. Yes, you read that correctly, “animation effects”.  The book employs ‘scanimation’, a process that produces the illusion of movement. Some of you may be familiar with this from the highly popular scanimation books, Gallop! and Swing!, both by Rufus Butler Seder.

The fact that the bee “flies” throughout the book makes the book fascinating but the pictures are delightfully colourful and the story is quite catchy too. It tells a tale of misconceptions, the eco-balance, friendship and understanding. Who wouldn’t be moved by a poor little misunderstood bee?!

If this book wins my niece over to bugs, then I’d say it’s a winner all ’round!

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