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The Journal Hosting Webchat With Val McDermid

A couple of years ago, I was distracted from housework one Saturday afternoon by a show on the TV called Wire in the Blood. Now I admit that I am easily distracted from domestic chores and I do have a bit of a soft spot for the starring actor, Robson Green but it is a genuinely good series.  (It’s now up to Series 6 so obviously I can’t be that far off.)

Unfortunately, that particular network is no longer running the program and I have to get on with my household duties. But I haven’t given up hope that it shall reappear somewhere, sometime on Canadian TV.

I’ll confess that I never considered the books behind the series instead.

That was until I was reminded the other day about the books by the news that The Journal (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) is hosting a Culture Webchat with the author, Val McDermid this Thursday (December 4) and that got me thinking about reading the books rather than just watching the show.  The Journal is hosting ‘live blog’ on the night so that you can watch it in real-time, and if you’re so inclined, send questions directly to Val McDermid. If you can’t participate live, you can also email your questions in ahead of time.

Curious about the title Wire in the Blood? McDermid’s website gives this insight:

The phrase “the wire in the blood” comes from T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets“. – “The trilling wire in the blood/sings below inveterate scars/appeasing long-forgotten wars.”
As for the meaning..
In an interview Robson Green said the phrase “wire in the blood” was taken to mean a genetic kink, something impure and unusual in the blood, that leads to the kind of psychosis Hill might deal with.
Val McDermid says: ‘Who knows what Eliot really meant by that line? Robson’s explanation is as good as any… For myself, I’ve always taken it to be a metaphor for the thrill of adrenaline surging through the bloodstream. But we’ll never know for sure”.

Wire in the Blood unites a university clinical psychologist, Dr. Anthony “Tony” Valentine Hill, with a tough female Detective Inspector.  The two work together to “get into” the deranged minds of murderers and to ultimately capture the criminal.

While there is a book titled Wire in the Blood, The Mermaids Singing is Val McDermid’s first novel featuring Dr. Tony Hill.

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