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Self published editions of The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

Even though self publishing is a huge business these days (eg Trafford, Lulu, AuthorHouse and Blurb), self published books are rarely taken seriously by major publishers and the book-related media. “Most books need an editor, ” a local radio journalist said to me recently. “That’s what publishers are there for.”

Of course, there are exceptions – The Highfield Mole and Eragon are two notable ones that immediately spring to mind. The latest example is The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry. This novel was originally self published by Barry in 2007 with Flap Jacket Press listed as the publisher. Two thousand copies were printed and word of mouth helped the book get noticed by major publishers. HarperCollins imprint, Morrow, won the auction for the rights and Brunonia (which is Latin for brown) was off the races. This year the book has been a major seller in the US and the rights have been sold around the world.

“We thought we would be like an indie Hollywood studio and could sell on to a bigger company if we got a hit here in New England,” said the author.

Check out the prices for the self published editions of The Lace Reader – I suspect they will continue to rise as the book gains more fans.

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