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Christmas cards from the rich and famous

Malcolm X card

On a day where there is only more news about lay-offs in the publishing industry, I spotted this article in The Guardian about Tony Blair’s official Christmas card. It’s a pretty rubbish article but reminded me about the large number of Christmas cards from famous people that can be found on AbeBooks. Here are some examples….

Malcolm X (before he switched to Islam, of course – $9,500 for a Christmas card anyone?)

Beatrix Potter

Zane Grey

Prince Charles and Princess Anne (Note – we have lots of cards from the Royals)

TS Eliot

Charlie Chaplin (a family photo from 1974 on the cover)

and, finally, one from Jack Norworth. Who is he you ask? Jack composed ‘Take Me Out To the Ball Game.’ Who the heck would spend $100 on that?

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