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Tales for Tots Tuesdays – Book Recommendations

One of my aspirations is to write a children’s picture book.  As I have become more “serious” about this, I’ve been reading tips on getting started and getting to know the industry.

An important step is to become familiar with those who have gone before you –  That is,  published authors and their books.

So as further motivation to read children’s picture books (read: give myself a kick in the backside), I am declaring Tuesdays to be Tales for Tots day and commit to recommending at least one book that I have reviewed each week.

And there’s no time like the present! Today’s recommendation is Alice the Fairy by David Shannon.

Alice is a fairy.  Not a Permanent Fairy, just a Temporary one. She’ll have to pass the tests of the Advanced Fairy School before her status can be upgraded. But Alice is getting a lot of fairy practice- she turns her dad into a horse for a horsey ride, magically transforms cookies baked by her mom for her dad  into cookies just for her and can make herself disappear (through a flick of the light switch with her wand).

Alice struggles with some of the more advanced fairy skills such as making clothes get up off the floor and line up in the closet.  Maybe she’ll stay a Temporary Fairy forever.

The book is a fun read and the humor appealing to young children. The illustrations are bright and cheerful and those of you familiar with Shannon’s David books will recognize the almost juvenile drawing style.

Alice the Fairy is a great book for any Fairy Wannabe and Fairy Godparent to share.

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