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New Robby Burns Writing Discovery

Robert Burns, Scottish Bard Apparently, famed Scottish poet, ol’ Robbie Burns, may not have been such a tim’rous beastie.

According to The Guardian, a Scotland man found a collection of letters and poems written by Burns to Robert Ainslie, an Edinburgh lawyer with whom he was friends, in his mother’s home 10 years ago. He is now putting them up for sale, a month shy of Burns’ would-be 250th birthday.

The letters are apparently on the unsavoury side, and reveal some interesting facts about Burns:

The poems and letters, which cast a different light on the man known for his romantic verse including “Ae fond kiss and then we sever”, reportedly see Burns refer to his children as “bastards”, and complain about not being able to ride his horse due to a sexually transmitted disease.

Excitement at such a rare find is being rather squashed by the content. Because next month is meant to be a celebration of Robert Burns and his work, fans and historians are somewhat dismayed that the collection is coming to light at this time. As well, many feel the seller should be ensuring the documents go where they belong.

“I was hoping personally that they’d end up [in the National Library],” he said. “Anything to do with the national bard, I would prefer it to go to one of the national libraries.”

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