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Note: Bears Are Wild. (P.S. We’re Getting Crazier)

The Associated Press reported that earlier this morning, a Berlin man jumped into the enclosure where a 200 kilogram polar bear, Knut, lived. The man scaled a fence and jumped into the moat around the polar bear habitat, and was eventually escorted out unharmed, thanks in large part to the zoo workers, who thoughtfully distracted Knut with a leg of beef.

The man wistfully told staff that he was lonely, and thought Knut the Polar Bear looked lonely as well.

He was luckier than a 20-year-old student in Beijing, who snuck into a panda pen in late November, hoping to cuddle the bear. Yes, that’s right, he snuck into the enclosure of a panda bear to try to snuggle with it. Yangyang the panda, understandably startled and probably irritated, bit at the student’s arms and legs.

The student, injured but not seriously, was quoted as saying the panda was so cute he was sure it wouldn’t attack.

But the astonishing part to me is that these incidents occurred less than a month apart. Are the bears hypnotizing us to take over the world, or are we just getting crazier?

Here is some recommended reading.

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