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2008 – A Year in Offbeat Books

Anyone up for a laugh today? Here’s a list of just some of the funnier titles published in 2008:

Hip-Hop for Dogs: From Bling to Phat Your Dog Is One Cool Cat
by Janet Perr

Is your dog phat? Is he a playa? Does he represent?

There’s only one way to find out, homie. Chill and kick back with Hip-Hop for Dogs. This dictionary handbook of hip-hop lingo features pictures of our beloved furry friends — from the flyest (or the coolest) to the most busted (or the ugliest) to the most stylin’ (or stylish) — that are endearing, hilarious, and downright educational. The dogs in this book personify common words used in hip-hop culture such as five-o, Timbs, grills, hooptie, and many more.

Once you curl up with your canine companion and read Hip-Hop for Dogs, you’ll be the most tricked out duo on the block. You’ll have the benjamins for Spot’s iced out collar. You’ll be the sista whose pooch can break dance with a bone in his mouth, or the hustla whose posse rules the dog run. No one will come to jack Rover’s toys at your crib because they’ll know that you and your pooch are down.

Written and illustrated by Grammy Award-winning art director and fly biyatch extraordinaire Janet Perr, Hip-Hop for Dogs will have you sitting and staying at home, laughing your booty off.

Porn for New Moms by Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative, Susan Anderson (Photographer)

Hot on the heels of the runaway success of “Porn for Women“, this followup delivers full-colour photographs of hunky dads doing what new mothers really want them to – getting up for 3 a.m. feedings, skipping golf to bond with the wee one, stocking the freezer with homemade baby food, changing every single nappy, complimenting mum’s all-sweatpants wardrobe. It’s all here. Page after page of these shots will make every mother swoon.

XXX Porn for Women: Hotter, Hunkier, and More Helpful Around the House!  by Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative Staff, Gretchen LeMaistre, Susan Anderson (Photographer)

 Hotter, hunkier, and more helpful around the house, the men photographed in “XXX Porn for Women” will make every woman swoon. Hot on the heels of the best-selling “Porn for Women” and “Porn for New Moms“, this edition features even steamier photos and fantasies (‘Honey, I paid off our mortgage!’ and ‘I just booked you two weeks at Canyon Ranch spa!’) make for one irresistibly sizzling addition to this successful line of books and gifts. Bring on the heat (and clean laundry)!

Farts : A Spotter’s Guide  by Crai S. Bower, Travis Millard, Millard Crai, Travis Millard

Sure, everyone does it; but everyone tries to hide it a little differently. “Farts: A Spotter’s Guide” will help you pinpoint he (or she) who dealt it every time. In the spirit of the famous and bestselling “Fart Machine” (No 2), this hilarious book features an attached battery powered fart machine that accurately reproduces ten common wind breakers, from the gentle hiss of the Silent-but-Deadly to the rip-roaring flatulation of the Seismic Blast. The text describes the habitat, range, voice, and ‘field marks’ of each emanation, and grossly hip 2-colour illustrations by The Fudge Factory‘s Travis Millard depict the offenders and offenders in brilliant detail. Printed on durable card stock, this is pure, unbridled entertainment for the giggling child in all of us. Let ‘er rip!

Goodnight Bush: A Parody by Gan Golan and Erich Origen

Goodnight Bush: An Unauthorized Parody is a hilarious and poignant visual requiem for the Bush administration. In it we see a childlike George W. Bush tucked safely away in the confines of his own room with all of the toys he’s willfully destroyed, abused, or defaced. Complete with a quiet Dick Cheney whispering “hush,” this bedtime story lets us finally say goodnight to the disaster that was the last eight years.

Pat the Husband: A Parody by Kate Nelligan

Since all men are really little boys at heart, what better way to celebrate (okay—roast) their peccadilloes than with a kids’ book format?  Pat the Husband takes amusing aim at the oddities of guys everywhere, making it the perfect gift from girlfriend to girlfriend, as well as for bridal showers and anniversaries.  Every wife will recognize the humor in the quirky characteristics played out about “husbands everywhere”—and find a reason every day to sneak a peek and pat!

The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death: Reflections of Revenge, Germophobia, and Laser Hair Removal by Laurie Notaro

A new compilation of essays by the author of Autobiography of a Fat Bride and The Idiot Girls’ Action Adventure Club shares hilarious reflections on turning forty, laser hair removal, how her cat broke her nose, and the discovery of how her image as a badass suffered from driving a Prius.

From Schlub to Stud: How to Embrace Your Inner Mensch and Conquer the Big City by Max Gross

For years after college, Max Gross was a schlubby ne’er-do-well sporting an unwieldy Jewfro. He fought off double-chins and man-boobs. His style of dress was reminiscent of a stoned urban slacker. Young Max Gross truly was hapless in a big city. He was seemingly without luck or hope. He had bedbugs, a bad break-up, and an audit by the IRS that threatened to break his soul. But he had heart (as well as two nagging parents). When Gross saw the smash comedy Knocked Up, he realized his day might have arrived. All these years of being a world-class schlub would finally pay off. Thinking quickly, Gross wrote an article about the phenomenon and soon found true love.

In this hilarious memoir-cum-guidebook, our curly-headed hero shares his story and offers suggestions on leaving home (the bedbugs and consequent breakup forced a move back to his parents’ loving arms), losing weight (but not too much), dressing well, playing poker to fulfill the typical schlub obsession with being good at sports, and much more. Naturally, the quest to find the right woman is of critical importance, and Gross expounds on this thoroughly. Readers will come away from the book enlightened, informed, and laughing hysterically.

Belle Weather : Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Scattered Hissy Fits  by Celia Rivenbark

Bestselling Author of We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier and Bless Your Heart, TrampHang on to your hats!  We’re in for some fiercely funny weather and crackling-sharp observations from Celia Rivenbark, of whom USA Today has said, “Think Dave Barry with a female point of view.” With her incomparable style and sassy southern wit, you’ll hear from Celia on:–The joys of remodeling Tara–How Harry Potter bitch-slaps Nancy Drew–Britney’s To-Do list: pick okra, cover that thang up–How rugby-playing lesbians torpedoed beach day–Why French women suck at competitive eating–The truth about nature deficit disorder–The difference between cockroaches and water bugs–The beauty of BedazzlersAnd much, much more! Whether she’s doing her taxes or extolling the virtues of Madonna’s mothering skills, Celia Rivenbark will keep you laughing until the very last page.

Naptime Is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

Once the zigzagging hormones and endless, bleary-eyed exhaustion of the first year have worn off, you‘re left with the startling realization that your tiny, immobile bundle has become a rampaging toddler, complete with his or her very own, very forceful personality.

Just as Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay helped debunk decades of parenting myths to offer honest advice for the first year, Naptime Is the New Happy Hour is a voice of reason for every woman facing questions such as: Will refined sugar make my toddler’s head explode? Is it wrong to have a cocktail at two in the afternoon? And what exactly is a Backyardigan?

American Thighs: The Sweet Potato Queens’ Guide to Preserving Your Assets by Jill Conner Browne

“If I can save one woman from these thighs, I will not have lived in vain,” #1 New York Times bestselling humorist Jill Conner Browne writes in American Thighs, her handbook and memoir for the Hot and Flashy. Whether young enough to look “hot” or of the age to only feel that way (in flashes with buckets of sweat), every woman has given, or will give, ample thought to preserving her best “assets” (thighs included), so that the dread transition from “cute girl” to “ma’am” won’t be quite so unsettling.

Poo Log: A Record Keeper by M.D., Anish Sheth (Foreword), Josh Richman (Foreword), Peter Arkle (Illustrator)

Finally, what every bathroom has been waiting for the Poo Log, a journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of each bowel movement. With handy reference charts, extensive checklists (shape, color, consistency, etc.), interesting nuggets, and screamingly funny illustrations throughout, this journal makes every trip to the can an e-loo-cidating experience. Who knew one could learn so much from poo?

Toilets of the World by Geof Prigge

Going to the toilet in some countries can be a mammoth undertaking. Finding a toilet is sometimes the hardest part. What greets you more often than not when you push open the door (if there is a door) can be absolutely nightmarish. Clean porcelain and polished tiles are far from the reality of many third world lavatories. Then there are toilets in Tibet, potties in Poland, lavatories in Latvia,  and lots more…even Aussie dunnies…they’re all here.

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