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Obama and Spider-Man – The New Dynamic Duo?

Comic collectors are eagerly anticipating January 14 and the Marvel Comics’  release of Amazing Spider-Man #583. Not only does this issue feature Barack Obama on the cover, it also includes 5 pages of Spidey/Obama adventures.

Villainous  Chameleon plots to spoil Obama’s swearing-in but our arachnid-like friend puts an end to the evil scheme.

Collectability forecasts are very good – The Christian Scientist Monitor reports:

It’s already predicted that the issue, which will have a face value of $3.99, will be worth as much as $20 the first day it goes on sale – an instant collector’s item.

Marvel’s editor-in-chief said the idea for the special issue came when he learned that Obama collects Spider-Man comics.

Wealth and fame he may have ignored, with action being his reward but Spider-Man can’t avoid the limelight, or increased value, when paired with the incoming US President.

And if you’re curious what books Obama reads, Check out our feature. We won’t spoil it by telling you whether Spiderman comics are on the list.

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