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Joy of cooking with fewer calories

What is the difference between the Joy of Cooking 1936 edition and the Joy Of cooking 2006 edition

Well if you ask me the difference is about $30-50 for a reading copy but according to the Globe and Mail its about 100 calories a plate.

Dr. Wansink and his colleagues studied 18 recipes, including apple pie, corn muffins, sugar cookies, beef stroganoff and chili, which appear in all editions of the book (there have been several since its original 1931 publication). In 2006 the average calories per recipe was about 384, up from 268 in 1936.

There are two culprits: The use of more high-calorie ingredients such as cheese, meat and sugar, and growing portion size.

On average, a 2006 recipe had about one fewer serving (1.1) than in 1936. The nine-inch apple pie, for instance, used to serve eight; now it serves six. Serving sizes started to expand after the Second World War and continued growing through the 1950s and early 60s, says Dr. Wansink, but the biggest jump has been a 33.2-per-cent increase since 1996.

Another factor may be that households have shrunk over the years. Cookbooks may be responding to the tendency to feed fewer people with the same amount of food. “But it shouldn’t be a licence to eat,” Dr. Wansink says.

If you do fancy the older edition AbeBooks is probably one of the only places you can find copies, I know my mother isn’t about to give me her copy.

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