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Weight-loss secret – Blogging!

There’s never a shortage of diet and weight-loss books but I’ve never heard of blogging as a technique for dropping unwanted pounds. But it’s a solution Shauna Reid documents in her book The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl.

It seems an odd thing to suggest but I’m not one to argue with anything that helped Reid drop 175 lbs!

Surrounded by skinny friends and a body weight exceeding the Weight Watchers scale,  Reid turned to blogging to find support. She posted full-body photographs (with her face blurred out) and began DietGirl.org which now boasts more than 500,000 readers.

Reid now blogs about the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight. (I guess we can watch for another book in the future??)

In The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, Reid chronicles her journey to becoming half the woman she was while finding fuller happiness from the inside out.

Shauna Reid visited CBS’ The Early Show this morning to tell her story.  Watch the interview.

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