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Looking for your soul mate? Be careful with what you read.

Almost one in five people would read a book while waiting for a date, a UK survey for the National Year of Reading  has revealed.

But what do you read to give the right impression if  want to look smart  with a sexy twist? Male readers gave rather sophisticated responses citing books such as Voltaire’s Candide, or Zorba the Greek and authors including Dickens, Orwell, Hemingway, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Nabokov.

Jane Austen, despite themes that include terrifying subjects such as marriage, was considered to be okay as well.

Women approved of current affairs like Barack Obama‘s books along with biographies.

Men spurned women seen reading “trashy romance” novels while women said “airport novels” featuring spies and CIA agents were tabboo.

My advice…don’t be seen reading a book until you’re comfortable enough with the person to read what you want.  :)

Read a full article on this topic on The Guardian.

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