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Organic Obama: Barack and Michelle Plant a Vegetable Garden

Barack and Michelle Obama have announced their plans to transform part of the existing White House lawn/landscape into an edible garden. Among the veggies destined for presidential planting are spinach, chard, collard greens, black kale and cilantro, as well various other herbs and lettuces.

The garden will be used in part as an educational tool for children, teaching that fresh food, grown from your own garden, can taste a lot better than what you can get in the supermarket, and be healthier too. Involving kids in the process of growing their own food can be an exciting, informative way to generate excitement about healthy eating.

Since Michelle and Barack are Chicago city-slickers, we figured they could use a little help, and we recommended them 10 books on growing your own fruit and vegetable garden.

…Looks like they’ll have plenty of space.


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