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Tales for Tots Tuesday: Monty Goes South by Marc Tetro


For children ages 4 to 8.

Marc Tetro’s Monty Goes South is a tale of a Canada Goose with a problem. A pretty significant problem – he’s afraid of heights which means he won’t fly!

Monty’s feet have been firmly planted on the ground but as winter approaches, his friends are getting ready to fly south. How will Monty join them without becoming airborne?

Monty and his friends sit down to brainstorm.  Could Monty drive, skateboard or travel in a boat? These methods are impossible for a goose so Monty’s only hope is to conquer his fear so that he can fly south with his friends. But how will he do this?

Monty Goes South is a great book to let kids know that they aren’t alone in having fears but there are ways to overcome them.  It’s not a saccharine “believe you can and it will happen immediately” story – Monty does have some challenges including an anxiety induced fainting spell.

I enjoy Tetro’s illustrations and the bright colours he uses. His use of cursive writing for the text is also an interesting choice however, I think this could be a failing if you want to keep this book on hand for when your  young children are starting  to read.

For Canadians, Marc Tetro’s books are a great choice as  gifts for children living outside of the country as they are all very much Canadian-themed (except maybe his work for Disney, 101 Dalmations: The Puppies Are Here!).

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