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Darwin’s life as a student

Great article in the Telegraph about Charles Darwin’s personal finances.

A number of Darwin’s financial records from his school days have been found and we can now see how he spent his money, ergo his time.

It seems he didn’t have the same massive burden in the textbook department, never mind the fact that he was a wealthy upper class young man, but in some ways the life of a student hasn’t changed a huge amount in nearly 200 years. It’s been two centuries and the cafeteria food still sucks and going out for a beer with your mates is still a high priority.

“Students eating dinner in college were given a basic ration of a joint of meat and a glass of beer, but Darwin was apparently quite fastidious about forking out a further 51/2d per day for vegetables.”

University officials said some details of Darwin’s life – including how much he spent on alcohol or on having his horse stabled remained unknown.

But they said it was known that a friend made a “joke coat of arms” for Darwin making “drinking and smoking” the naturalist’s trademarks.

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