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All 7 Nebula Short Story 2008 Nominees Available on Podcast

nebulaHow cool. StarShipSofa, the Audio Science Fiction Magazine, has done something nifty and made all seven of the 2008 Nebula nominees, short story category, available as free audio podcasts. So you can download the podcasts, listen to them at your convenience, and decide on your favourite contender before the winners are even announced (if you’re quick – winners announced April 24-25). From their web site:

“Tony, who helms the podcast, says, “The Nebula’s are a very special event in the SF world and I wanted the StarShipSofa to mark this occasion by doing something unique for this year’s awards. “I wanted to put out all the stories nominated in one day so people can, straight away, have them downloaded back to back… sitting on their iPod and, for the next few hours, submerge themselves in SF stories of the very best calibre. All for free. “Things are changing rapidly in this medium and this is one example of StarShipSofa pushing the boundaries of normal podcasting in both terms of quality and accessibility. “It’s what the StarShipSofa was built for.” “

For me, I’d rather read them than listen to them any day. For some reason, my attention span serves far better for reading than for listening, and I find with audiobooks, I really miss a lot of the intended twists and nuances. But for those who don’t find that a problem, this is a real treat.

And in case you missed it, AbeBooks has every book that has ever won a Nebula or Hugo Award in the novel category for sale, as well as comprehensive lists of the winners. Glorious science fiction!

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