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First edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species Goes for £35,000

origin-of-species-charles-darwinAccording to CBC News, a first-edition of Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species went for £35,000 (almost $60,000 CDN) at auction on April 27th in London.

I love the name of the high bidder: Hamish Riley-Smith. With a name like Hamish Riley-Smith, he SHOULD be a wealthy collector. I hope he bid on a smoking jacket, too. What a great name. affordable-origin-of-species-charles-darwin

We have a pretty impressive array of collectible copies available on AbeBooks, from some very affordable copies all the way up to and including one priced at £110,000.00. Hint hint, Hamish – wouldn’t you like a matching pair? Or get one for a chum.

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