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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Writes About Her Gluten-Free Lifestyle

g-free-dietElisabeth Hasselbeck,  co-host of the popular daytime chat-show, The View appeared on Good Morning America earlier today to discuss her new book The G-Free Diet: A Gluten Survival Guide.

Hasselbeck, who suffers from celiac disease, says she “learned about gluten the hard way. I wrote this book so you don’t have to.”

Ironically, Hasselbeck discovered that gluten was making her sick while living off the land as a contestant on Survivor: Australian Outback.  I guess bugs are pretty good for you!

A personal account of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s life without gluten, The G-Free Diet is summed up this way:

In this all-inclusive book, Hasselbeck shares her hard-earned wisdom on living life without gluten and loving it. She gives you everything you need to know to start living a gluten-free life, from defining gluten – where to find it, how to read food labels – to targeting gluten-free products, creating G-Free shopping lists, sharing recipes, and managing G-Free living with family and friends.

Find copies of The G-Free Diet starting around  $13.02

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