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Jodi Picoult on Books, Reading and The Da Vinci Code

In a brief Q & A with the Daily Mail, bestselling author Jodi Picoult comments on books in her life:

  • Picoult  says she’s currently reading The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski – the first book she’s read on her Kindle.  Her comments on the book:”It’s a great story about a mute boy who can communicate only with his dogs, but what really makes it are these little nuggets of beautifully written metaphors and similes that are dotted like pearls throughout the text.
  • The collected works of Picoult’s  favourite author, Alice Hoffman, would accompany her to a desert island.
  • Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind is the novel that got her reading and writing.
  • When asked what book left her cold, Picoult named The Da Vinci Code saying, “Although I don’t deny Dan Brown any of his success, I don’t understand the hype over such a poorly written novel – and as an author who does all her own research, I know better than to consider myself an expert in the field I am writing about. I believe this was an error in judgment for this particular author.”

Jodi Picoult’s 16th book, Handle With Care was released in March 2009. First Edition signed copies of Handle With Care are available starting at $35.00.

Listen to a podcast of Picoult discussing the story behind Handle With Care.

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