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Dream On by John RichardsonGotta hand it to this guy for doing a great job of self-promotion.

Prior to the release of his book Dream On: One Hacker’s Challenge to Break Par in a Year, John Richardson used Twitter to build up his profile. The result? Last week Richardson’s Twitter followers pushed the book to top spot on Amazon’s golf chart and into the top 500 overall. Before the publisher had done any media pushes, the book sold out on Amazon as well.

Says Richardson, “I became fascinated by the opportunity that Twitter offers for its users to interact with authors. In the past, if you read and enjoyed a book, it was almost impossible to contact the author to let him or her know. Twitter provides a way for authors and readers to interact in a very contained and interesting way.”

About the book:

‘I have a friend, a guy called John, who is undertaking a golf challenge. He has a full-time job and a wife and child and he’s trying to shoot a level par round within the year. When he started the challenge he couldn’t break one hundred. So he’s trying to take thirty-three strokes off his game in one year and he asked me to find out your opinion on that.’ Sam Torrance laughed, then slowly contemplated the question. ‘Well, you can tell him from me to dream on.’ Meet John Richardson, a regular bloke who enjoys a round of golf in his spare time. That is until he sets himself the challenge of playing a level par round within a year. With no natural talent, precious little time and no fitness level to speak of, can John pull it off? In spite of Sam Torrance’s scepticism, John remains resolute and so begins an exhausting but exhilarating year of living, breathing, eating and sleeping golf. A rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, “Dream On” is funny and inspirational, and a must for any golfer who dreams of improving their game.

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