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Worst, childrens book, ev-var

BarneyThe American Scene is having a “friendly” debate about the worst children’s books ever.

At first I was about to pounce on the Brothers Grimm… citing all of the murder, torture, disease, and misery (and right before bedtime). But then again *I* grew up on Grimm’s Brothers and I think I turned out just fine, now didn’t I?

So after a small think, I realized true evil lies not in the hard life lessons the plague has to teach but the god awful fluff like the Pokey Little Puppy, the Babysitters Club, and that entire “genre” of corporate product placement books for kids. You know the ones that you know were only created as a means to sell more candy and plush toys… Now that is what makes me want to wretch.

What’s your vote?

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