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Book-Themed Ice Cream? Yes Please, Ben & Jerry!

They’ve done rockstar ice cream (Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road), so why not library-themed, book ice cream?

Over 4,000 people on Facebook have joined a group to support the initiative and try to encourage ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s to create the literary sweet treats. Name suggestions so far have included Malt Whitman, Li-berry Pie and the Gooey Decimal System, among others.

The reasoning (other than the obvious general awesomeness) behind the idea is to help raise the public profiles of libraries in a time when they really need it. Sounds delicious – count me in.

And suggestions from your friends at AbeBooks:

Jack Caramel-ac’s On the (Rocky) Road;
James and the Giant Peach Cobbler;
Banana Karenina;
War and Reese’s Pieces; and
Crime and Punishmint-chocolate-chip.

So come on then you literary, ice-cream-loving punsters….what else?

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