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Forks – the ultimate destination for Twilight fans

The New York Times travel section writes about the delights of Forks, Washington, which was a one-horse town where the horse left until Stephenie Meyer based her Twilight vampire novels in this unheralded corner of the Pacific Northwest.

“You used to say you were from Forks and people would stare,” said Marcia Bingham, director of the Chamber of Commerce, referring to the “B.T.” (“Before ‘Twilight’ ”) days. “Now when they hear where you’re from, they’re breathless.”

And teenage girls aren’t the only ones hyperventilating. Women — traveling in packs, in pairs or on their own — make up a big part of those on the “Twilight” trail. Susan Englin, a retiree from Colbert, Wash., who has read the books seven times and has downloaded the movie to her iPod, was visiting stepchildren in the area recently and couldn’t resist an outing to Forks. “I get caught up in the characters,” she said.

I’m so not going to visit this town! Hordes of vampire-obsessed women wandering around with tattered copies of Twilight.

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