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Punctuation Day – my darkest hour

It’s National Punctuation Day apparently – best day of the year for Lynne Truss and her cohorts. Two weeks ago, I wrote some copy for an email newsletter promoting some books and misplaced an apostrophe. It was a silly mistake and my own fault for not checking the text sufficiently before we pressed ‘Send’.

Within minutes, our customer support people were getting calls from distressed AbeBooks customers. Emails started flooding in. One person compared my mistake to the end of civilization. After a few hours of calls and emails, I started to feel like a punch-bag and was cursing my own incompetence. If there is one thing that book people hate, it is a misplaced apostrophe. Frankly, I totally agree with them – misplaced apostrophes are everywhere, wine bottle labels, menus, signs above shops, newspaper ads etc etc.

It wasn’t my greatest day at AbeBooks.

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